The Role of Smartphones in Glaucoma Care


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  • Glaucoma Update: A Review of Current and Emerging Treatment Paradigms

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The serious problem of patients' poor adherence to prescribed #glaucoma therapy and how to address it: #GTJC

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The Role of Smartphones in Glaucoma Care


The widespread availability of mobile technology is slowly improving health care delivery. Smartphones and mobile apps now allow patients to monitor their own health and …

Therapeutically Targeting Disease in Glaucoma


Current treatments for the elevated IOP that is a hallmark of most forms of glaucoma focus either on lowering the rate of aqueous humor inflow or increasing the flow of aque…

Point/Counterpoint: Should MIGS Be Included During Residency Training?


Will the early introduction of MIGS lead to a generation of surgeons who will not know how to suture? By Albert S. Khouri, MD What are essential surgical skills that r…


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Sightpath Medical announced they have reached a milestone, having participated in more than 25,000 l…

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