Cataract Surgery Alone—an Underused Solution?


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Cataract Surgery Alone—an Underused Solution?


Changes in Glaucoma Surgical Care

It is fun to play with the latest device and exciting to figure out what can potentially be accomplished with innovative technology. That said, the workbench in my garage …

To the FDA With Appreciation


During the past 2 decades, we physicians have observed cycles of innovation within the field of ophthalmology. In the mid-1990s, FDA approvals of topical dorzolamide, brin…

The Literature


Fast Visual Field Progression Is Associated with Depressive Symptoms in Patients with Glaucoma Diniz-Filho A, Abe RY, Cho HJ, et al1 ABSTRACT SUMMARY This prospe…


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Peer-Reviewed Study of Dropless Cataract Surgery Shows 'Measurable Benefits' Com…

Imprimis Pharmaceuticals announced that positive results of a clinical study comparing the efficacy …

Health Tourists Jump Queue for Cataract Operations on NHS as British Patients Wa…

Health tourists are being given cataract surgery on the NHS ahead of British patients because their …

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