November/December 2004


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Glaucoma Today


The Effect of Topical Glaucoma Medication on the Efficacy of SLT

Could SLT be considered an outflow drug?

By Mark A. Latina, MD, and John Mark S. de Leon, MD

Racial Differences in the Optic Nerve

Efforts to detect early glaucoma.

By Christopher A. Girkin, MD

Capsular Tension Devices for the Glaucoma Surgeon

Approaching cases of zonular weakness.

By Iqbal Ike K. Ahmed, MD, and Michael Butler, MD

Communicating Effectively With Glaucoma Patients

Focusing on dialogue and education can improve treatment.

By Thomas E. Bournias, MD

Debate: Does Race Matter in Glaucoma?

Viewpoint No. 1: Considering this factor promotes the more effective treatment of patients.

By Alan L. Robin, MD

5 Questions With Don Minckler, MD

By Don Minckler, MD

The Nerve Fiber Layer and Scanning Laser Polarimetry

The history and utility of this technology.

By Robert D. Fechtner, MD

Debate: Does Race Matter in Glaucoma?

Viewpoint No. 2: This factor is mutable and therefore not important.

By Eve J. Higginbotham, MD

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