May/June 2005


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Glaucoma Today


Ocular Surface and Lid Disorders

Advice on treatment that could improve the success of glaucoma surgery.

By Patrick J. Riedel, MD

The Growing Season

By Gillian McDermott, Editor-in-Chief

Hyphema With Elevated IOP

By Saif Hafeez, MD; Anju Gupta, MD; and Matthew Citron, DO

Successfully Managing Accounts Receivable

Billing and collections are a practice-wide effort that begins with the front-desk staff.

By Patricia M. Salmon, CHBC

The Intraoperative Floppy Iris Syndrome

Surgical strategies for a new small pupil syndrome.

By David F. Chang, MD

The Spaeth Gonioscopic Grading System

Assessing the configuration of the anterior chamber angle.

By Barbara C. Marsh, MD, and Louis B. Cantor, MD

Glaucoma and the Immune System

Is glaucoma a systemic disease curable by therapeutic vaccination?

By Michal Schwartz, PhD

Bleb Revision

A discussion of the indications and surgical approach.

By Jonathan G. Crowston, MD, PhD, and Robert N. Weinreb, MD, with David S. Greenfield, MD

Clinical Experience With the Tube Extender

A look at how this device may fit in the surgical armamentarium.

By Steven R. Sarkisian, Jr, MD, and Peter A. Netland, MD, PhD

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