September/October 2008


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A Closer Look

By Gillian McDermott, Editor-in-Chief

Gonioscopy Redefined

By Richard A. Lewis, MD, Chief Medical Editor

A Neurological Perspective on Glaucoma

How neurodegenerative diseases and glaucoma could be similar.

By David J. Calkins, PhD

Migraines in the Presence of Glaucoma

Recent advances in diagnosis and management.

By Geoffrey T. Emerick, MD

FDT Perimetry for the Detection of Glaucomatous Visual Field Loss

The effectiveness of the FDT and Humphrey Matrix Perimeters.

By Chris A. Johnson, PhD

Gonioscopy: a Review

How, when, and why to perform this examination.

By John Hetherington, Jr, MD

Gonioscopy: Essential to Patient Care

Wallace L. M. Alward, MD, is dedicated to teaching residents and clinicians the skills they need to examine the iridocorneal angle.

By Julia T. Lewandowski, Senior Associate Editor

Reimbursement Considerations for Gonioscopy

A discussion of coverage, coding, and billing.

By Donna M. McCune, CCS-P, COE, and Kevin J. Corcoran, COE, CPC, FNAO

Managing Bleb-Related Infection

Advice on the diagnosis and treatment of blebitis and bleb-related endophthalmitis.

By Richard M. Awdeh, MD; Leon W. Herndon, MD; and Terry Kim, MD

Glaucoma in a Patient With Spontaneous Luxation of the Globe

By Josh A. Hicks, MD; John P. Berdahl, MD; and Leon W. Herndon, MD

5 Questions with Michael V. Drake, MD

Chancellor Drake shares what he misses about ophthalmic practice and considers the state of US healthcare and higher education.

By Michael V. Drake, MD

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