CHIEF MEDICAL EDITOR’S PAGE: Rick’s Fountain of Youth

By Gillian McDermott, MA, Editor-in-Chief

On one or two occasions, Rick Lewis has leaned over and whispered to me, “They think I’m younger than I am.” I suspect that miscalculation has occurred before and will again for a variety of reasons, including his healthy sense of humor, his athleticism, and his delightful wife. In the context of glaucoma, however, I believe two key factors in Rick’s air of youthfulness are his enthusiasm for the field and his openness to new ideas. He is tireless in his advocacy for the development of new and earlier therapeutic and surgical interventions to halt glaucomatous progression. More on that subject and on Rick can be found in his profile for the “5 Questions” column this month.

Rick’s influence and his desire to hear from the glaucoma community have been apparent in Glaucoma Today since he became its first chief medical editor in 2006. I credit him as the brains behind the publication’s various roundtable discussions on topics such as diagnostics, laser therapy, and innovation. Happily, Rick has already agreed that his coming transition to the position of emeritus editor will not translate as his absence from the publication, and he has also promised not to cut me dead at future ophthalmic meetings.

Taking on the mantel of chief medical editor in 2011 will be Steve Vold. Like Rick, Steve is excited about the field of glaucoma and highly interested in the development of innovative procedures for the disease’s treatment. We are already discussing editorial plans for next year, and I am looking forward to working with him.

This edition of GToday gives a foretaste of next year with two new columns. Tony Realini has donned a section editor’s hat for “Clinician Scientist’s Corner,” which will shine a spotlight on these important members of the glaucoma community and their research. In the “Peer Review” column, Nate Radcliffe will summarize the published evidence behind a variety of glaucoma practice patterns.

My thanks to Rick for his hard work as chief medical editor and to Steve, Tony, Nate, the rest of the editorial board, and GToday’s many authors for their contributions past, present, and future!


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