July/August 2012



Chief Medical Editor’s Page

Ushering in a New Era

By Steven D. Vold, MD

The Literature

The Literature

By Melissa (Wen-Jeng) Yao, MD, and Jeffrey S. Schultz, MD

Clinician Scientist’s Corner

By Christopher A. Girkin, MD

Research Results

Highlights From ARVO 2012

Practical research may lead to the better care of patients with glaucoma.

By Albert S. Khouri, MD, and Tony Realini, MD, MPH

Technology Today

EMRs to Facilitate Glaucoma Management

Technology can help us to communicate with primary health providers to coordinate care.

By George Shafranov, MD

Cover Stories:
The Principles of Glaucoma Management

The Key Elements of a Glaucoma History and Workup

These steps are imperative to accurate diagnosis and treatment.

By Yara P. Catoira-Boyle, MD

What Is the Role of Imaging in Glaucoma Care?

This technology enhances physicians’ ability to diagnose disease and its progression, but clinical acumen is still essential.

By Ian Conner, MD, PhD, and Joel S. Schuman, MD

Deciding on First-Line Medical Therapy

Recently released preservative-free agents will create a new paradigm for the treatment of glaucoma.

By Lawrence M. Hurvitz, MD

What Is Maximal Medical Therapy in 2012?

The answer is highly variable and influenced by commercial considerations, the patient, and the physician.

By Nicholas P. Bell, MD

Adjunctive Medical Therapy for Glaucoma

Optimizing patients’ outcomes.

By Henry D. Jampel, MD, MHS

When Is Laser Trabeculoplasty Indicated as First-Line Treatment?

This proven and effective treatment modality is a powerful option for initial IOP lowering in the newly diagnosed glaucomatous or ocular hypertensive patient.

By Ahmad A. Aref, MD

Can Surgeons Perform a Better Trabeculectomy?

The procedure is still viable.

By Richard A. Lehrer, MD

Advice on Glaucoma Drainage Devices

Technical pearls and advice on selecting a device for tube shunt surgery.

By Boris Dilman, MD, and Anjali S. Hawkins, MD, PhD

Practice Pointers

New Glaucoma Staging Codes: Is It Worth Adding Them?

Stratifying the disease may improve communication between physicians and their patients and educate payors.

By Ronald L. Fellman, MD

Inside Eyetube.net

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants on Eyetube.net

By Nathan M. Radcliffe, MD

5 Questions With Kuldev Singh, MD, MPH

Dr. Singh predicts how microinvasive glaucoma surgery will affect ophthalmologists’ treatment of the disease and describes one of his star-studded evenings.


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