Free Smartphone App Helps Patients Manage Eye Medications


HarPas International introduced EyeDrops, a smartphone application that reminds patients when and how to administer their eye drops.

“The EyeDrops app should enhance medication compliance and adherence in any chronic eye condition but especially in patients with glaucoma,” Tom Harbin, MD, codeveloper of the app and a glaucoma specialist, said in a news release. “The single biggest problem—especially with glaucoma—is getting people to take their drops regularly when they have an increasingly complex drop regimen.”

The app’s pull-down menus prompt users to enter information about their drug regimen, including dosages and schedules. The app then alerts patients via their phones when it is time to apply their eye drops. The app simultaneously keeps a record of the patient’s use of medication and automatically informs the patient of his or her next scheduled dosing time. The free download also allows users to take a photograph of each bottle to help them identify each drug correctly.

The app tracks multiple eye medications and demonstrates the correct way to administer eye drops. It stresses the need for eyelid closure and proper intervals between drops. Patients can also use EyeDrops to access a dedicated website for information about glaucoma and for links to other health information sites.

A premium version of the app is planned for both Android (Google, Inc.) and iPhone (Apple, Inc.) devices that, for a nominal charge, will reportedly offer users a significantly enriched and more robust experience. The premium app will include

  • the reminder and how-to functions of the basic app
  • the ability to enter drop regimens for more than one family member
  • the ability to track compliance for weeks/months and the opportunity to e-mail this information to the treating doctor
  • a database to enter a patient’s prior laser and surgical interventions
  • a catalog of all previously used drops and the reason they were discontinued
  • a record of the patient’s IOPs and the ability to view the IOP history as a continuous graph
  • the ability to enter medication schedules on the Web or by phone, with automatic syncing between the two

The EyeDrops app is available for Android phones through Google Play and for the iPhone through the App Store. Contact for more information.


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