September/October 2012


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Chief Medical Editor’s Page

By Steven D. Vold, MD

The Literature

By Rajendra K. Bansal, MD

Peer Review

The Role of SPARC in Trabecular Meshwork Extracellular Matrix Turnover and IOP Regulation

Developing an understanding of this matricellular protein may reveal molecular targets for the therapeutic treatment of primary open-angle glaucoma.

By Ayan Chatterjee, MS; Dong-Jin Oh, PhD; Min Hyung Kang, PhD; Guadalupe Villarreal, MD; Ramez Haddadin, MD; Marc Töteberg-Harms, MD; Swarup S. Swaminathan, MD; and Douglas J. Rhee, MD

Research Results

The Word of the Day in Health Care: Accountability

Ophthalmologists have an opportunity to advance health care.

By Eve J. Higginbotham, SM, MD

Surgical Pearls

Cataract Surgery in the High Hyperope

Glaucoma Today asked these experts to share their advice.

By Reay H. Brown, MD; Garry P. Condon, MD; Alan S. Crandall, MD; and Eric D. Donnenfeld, MD

Challenging Cases

Management of Pediatric Traumatic Glaucoma After a Scleral Buckle

By Eun S. Huh, MD, and Ahmad A. Aref, MD

cover stories: angle-closure glaucoma

Diagnostic Workup and Considerations in Angle-closure Glaucoma

A systematic approach can help you discriminate between forms of this disease.

By Douglas J. Rhee, MD

Understanding Angle-closure Glaucoma

New concepts in the continuum of angle closure.

By Robert M. Feldman, MD, and Angelo P. Tanna, MD

Keys to Successfully Managing Primary Angle-closure Glaucoma

It is incumbent on eye care providers to learn to recognize the risk factors.

By Simon K. Law, MD, PharmD

Treating Plateau Iris

Pearls for managing a patient with glaucoma and a plateau iris configuration.

By Saya Nagori, MD, and Daniel Laroche, MD

Managing Primary Angle Closure

Lens extraction or peripheral iridotomy?

By Nicholas P. Bell, MD, and Donna Nguyen, MD

Incisional Glaucoma Surgery in ACG

Surgical intervention is challenging, and planning must take into account several factors.

By Marcos Reyes, MD

Managing Secondary Angle-closure Glaucomas

Early recognition and treatment of the cause promote resolution.

By Oluwatosin Smith, MD

Update on Malignant Glaucoma

Treating and managing this complication of ocular surgery.

By Jacob Brubaker, MD, and Steven R. Sarkisian Jr, MD

Therapeutics Update

Iridocorneal Endothelial Syndrome: Keys to Diagnosis and Management

A common pathological mechanism explains the corneal, iris, and angle abnormalities that result in a rare but important type of secondary angle-closure glaucoma.

By Matthew D. Lazzara, MD, and Angelo P. Tanna, MD


Blending the Old and the New in Glaucoma Surgical Innovation

By Nathan M. Radcliffe, MD

5 Questions With Robert D. Fechtner, MD

Dr. Fechtner makes a case for functional testing and divulges the secrets of brewing practically perfect espresso.


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