A Fond Farewell

By Steven D. Vold, MD

More than 7 years ago, David Cox and Adam Krafczek Jr, Esq, named me chief medical editor of GT. I will forever be grateful to them for allowing me to help mold a publication that is so important to me.

The outgoing chief, Richard Lewis, MD, gave me invaluable advice on advancing the publication, while Editor-in-Chief Gillian McDermott welcomed me with open arms and a deep commitment to making GT the finest educational publication for glaucomatologists. She encouraged my creativity and provided outstanding editorial skills, as we focused our efforts on making GT the publication that the glaucoma community would turn to for literature updates, reviews of current glaucoma diagnostic and therapeutic practices, and information on advances in our field.

We worked hard to ensure that GT was an inclusive publication by seeking out a wide variety of male and female authors who represent the racial, generational, and geographic diversity inside and outside the United States. We tackled controversial topics with comprehensive discussions on both sides of the debate, and we were blessed to collaborate with great thinkers and colleagues. Although we were extremely grateful for industry support, we worked to ensure that the content we provided was balanced and unbiased.

I want to thank every contributor who has made GT the leading publication in our field. I am inspired by the time and energy that you have committed to writing landmark articles. In particular, I will never forget the incredible article David Epstein, MD, wrote discussing the pathophysiology of glaucoma shortly before his death (bit.ly/vold1117). It was quite possibly the last article he ever wrote. To have this incredible summary of his life’s work appear in GT is a testament to the value he saw in the publication.

In addition, I sincerely thank Gillian for her immense contributions to our field. She brought GT to life on day 1, when it was strictly a digital publication, and has been its backbone throughout its evolution into the leading glaucoma publication for physicians in the world today. Gillian demonstrates an incredible commitment to and passion for our field.

As my term comes to a close, I am pleased to hand the reins to Iqbal Ike Ahmed, MD, FRCSC. The microinvasive glaucoma surgery revolution is underway, and who better to lead GT during this exciting time than its greatest champion? Ike has been my friend for many years and is one of the most influential physicians of our generation. I am certain that he and Associate Medical Editor Arsham Sheybani, MD, will take the publication to new heights.

Thank you for the privilege of serving you.

Steven D. Vold, MD
Chief Medical Editor


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