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Episode 38: EBMD in Cataract Patients

Gary Wortz, MD, of Koffler Vision Group, discusses epithelial basement membrane dystrophy (EBMD) in cataract patients wi…

Gary Wortz, MD, Mark Kontos, MD

Hydro-PCCC in Congenital Cataract

The video highlights the authors preference of doing posteior capsularhexis in congenital cataract under BSS infusion. …

Virendra Agrawal MD,DNB

Red Cataract Removal with the Catalys Laser

An 85-year-old male with one functioning eye presents with a red, hyper-mature cataract. In his right eye, he had a pre-…

John Gayton, MD

ReSure Sealant Following Post-RK Cataract Surgery

In this patient with 8 RK incisions, I straddled the space between the incisions with a 2.2mm wound for cataract removal…

ReSure Sealant after Stuck IOL

A single piece acrylic lens became stuck in a 2.2 mm incision after attempted insertion with a D cartridge. The IOL was …

Terry Kim, MD

Tjia Centurion Case Review

Khiun Tjia, MD, uses a conventional divide and conquer technique with CENTURION Vision System. Emulsification by Balance…

Khiun F. Tjia, MD

Complex Corneal Transplantation, Cataract Surgery, Synechial…

Alan Carlson, MD, presents a complex patient with a failed corneal transplant. Previous transplant surgery was performed…

Alan Carlson MD

ReSure in a Femtosecond Cataract Case

Stephen Lane, MD, explains the preparation and application of ReSure Ocular Sealant (Ocular Therapeutics) to prevent flu…

Stephen Lane MD


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