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The IPL Procedure

Cynthia Matossian, MD, FACS discusses the procedure of IPL, what to expect, who is a candidate, and her experience treat…

Cynthia Matossian MD

Cerclage Pupilloplasty in a Patient with Permanent Mydriasis…

Altan A. Ozcan, MD, presents a cerclage pupilloplasty in a patient with traumatic cataract and permanent mydriasis in th…

Altan A. Ozcan, MD

Sjo Test

Blood can be drawn as an alternative to the finger stick for the Sjo in-office test.

Parasol Punctal Occluder Study for Dry Eye

Dr. Paul Karpecki talks about the Parasol Punctal Occluder and the results of study on punctal occulsion with the Paraso…

Paul M. Karpecki, OD, FAAO

Iris Expansion Devices for Intraocular Surgery

Robert J. Cionni, MD, performs an iris expansion in which he bends back his iris hook for 10 to 15 seconds to create a b…

Robert Cionni MD

Iris Prosthesis

Barbara Parolini, MD

Anterior Vitrectomy with Sulcus Fixated PC IOL in Pediatric …

John Kanellopoulos, MD, presents the case of a 13-year old boy who underwent an anterior vitrectomy and sulcus fixated P…

John Kanellopoulos MD

Eye Saw Good - An Eye-health Charity Kids Vision

One in four children have a vision problem and 2/3 of those children are not receiving care. Eye Saw Good is a partnersh…


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