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Value of 1-800-DOCTORS to Practicing Ophthalmologists

Jai G. Parkeh, MD, advisory board chairman for the Ophthalmology Network of 1-800-DOCTORS, explains how the ON Advantage…

Jai G. Parkeh, MD

Changing "Face" of Ophthalmic Practice in a Changing Society

Suresh K. Pandey, MS, ASF, and Vidushi Sharma, MBBS, MD, discuss how the practice of medicine is changing and how to res…

Vidushi Sharma, MD, FRCS, Dr Suresh K Pandey

Dawn and Dusk in the Life on an Ophthalmologist

Vidushi Sharma, MD, FRCS, and Suresh K. Pandey, MS, ASF, profile the stages of an ophthalmologist's career. They discuss…

Vidushi Sharma, MD, FRCS, Dr Suresh K Pandey

Bringing Standards to Your Standard of Care

Shareef Mahdavi sits down with Jim Riggi to discuss the thinking behind Meaningful Use and the American Academy of Ophth…

Jim Riggi, Shareef Mahdavi

Don't Ask Me Again - Using EHR to Reduce Task Repetition

During the typical a office visit, a patient may require exams from several diagnostic devices. Without a standard diagn…

Shareef Mahdavi

How Canaloplasty Can Help You Build Your Surgical Practice

Current Canalplasty surgeons discuss the impact of the procedure on their overall practice.

iScience Interventional

Sex, Lies, and Videotape: Lessons for cataract surgeons in 2…

Shareef Mahdavi replicates a talk given at Hawaii 2011 using the presenting style known as “Pecha Kucha”! Femtosec…

Shareef Mahdavi

Exploring the "Ice cream" Experience

One wouldn't normally associate ice cream with ophthalmology, but as Shareef Mahdavi explains some creameries have embra…

Shareef Mahdavi


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