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The Importance of Practice Culture in the Premium Channel En…

The character of the lead surgeon can color the entire organization, so it is the surgeon’s responsibility to make the…

Matt Jensen, Shareef Mahdavi

Premium Lenses and Practice Growth

In this EyetubeTV interview, John Hovanesian, MD, discusses the adoption of Premium IOLs, new technologies in the pipeli…

John A. Hovanesian MD

Tactics for the Business Savvy Ophthalmologist

Shareef Mahdavi, President of SM2 Consulting, offers advice on incorporating premium lenses in your practice, creating p…

Shareef Mahdavi

Finding the Right Match in Ophthalmic Job Placements

Cristina Boggiano, Founder of The Ophthalmic Associates, shares guidance with job seeking ophthalmologists and practices…

Cristina Boggiano

Signature Moments

Shareef Mahdavi discusses how to have the greatest impact on patients by creating noteworthy experiences.

Shareef Mahdavi

What Business are You in?

Shareef Mahdavi explains how to approach external marketing and patient consultations to strengthen the perceived value …

Shareef Mahdavi

Eliminating Negative Cues

Shareef Mahdavi suggests taking inventory of sensory perceptions to gain insight into the patient's experience in yo…

Shareef Mahdavi

Price as a Cue for Quality

The price of a good or service can have a significant impact on the perceived quality. Shareef Mahdavi shows the importa…

Shareef Mahdavi


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