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May/June 2013

In This Issue

Chief Medical Editor's Page

The Power of Perseverance

Steven D. Vold, MD

The Literature

The Literature

Timothy W. Sullivan, MD, and Tak Yee Tania Tai, MD

Clinician Scientist's Corner

Richard K. Lee, MD, PhD

Tony Realini, MD, MPH, Richard K. Lee, MD, PhD

Peer Review

Cataract Surgery and IOP

An overview of current theories about why and how cataract extraction lowers IOP in some glaucoma patients.

Mark Slabaugh, MD, and Philip Chen, MD

Landmark Studies

Take-Home Messages From the Advanced Glaucoma Intervention Study

Leon W. Herndon, MD, and Daniel B. Moore, MD

International Perspectives

Models for Glaucoma Treatment and Eye Care in China

With the creation of a hospital-based network that provides comprehensive eye care, glaucoma diagnosis and treatment may improve.

Nathan Congdon, MD

Challenging Cases

Improving IOP Control in a Patient on Maximal Medical Therapy

David M. Dickman, MD

Technology Today

FDA Response to Medical Device Regulatory Challenges

A description of initiatives designed to expedite the review process.

Dorothy B. Abel, Andrew Farb, and Megan Moynahan

Cover Stories: Inflammatory Glaucoma

Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis and Glaucoma

The challenge is balancing the control of IOP and of inflammation.

Brenda L. Bohnsack, MD, PhD, and Sharon F. Freedman, MD

Managing OHT and Glaucoma in Patients With HLA-B27 Disease

A review of the complex issues and decisions on management.

Hylton R. Mayer, MD

Herpes Zoster Glaucoma

An overview of its mechanisms and treatment.

Lisa F. Rosenberg, MD

Glaucoma associated with Granulomatous diseases

A review of the diagnosis and treatment of sarcoidosis.

Shakeel Shareef, MD

Glaucoma Associated With Herpes Simplex Virus

Evidence-based treatment allows for the successful management of this condition.

Madhu S. R. Gorla, MD, and Steven V. L. Brown, MD

Fuchs Heterochromic Iridocyclitis and Posner-Schlossman Syndrome

Early detection and diagnosis are essential to properly managing these diseases.

Mathew George, MD, and Ramesh Ayyala, MD, FRCS(E), FRCOphth

Steroid-Induced Glaucoma

A familiarity with this entity is essential to the care of a uveitic patient.

Sandra M. Johnson, MD

A Historical Perspective on UGH Syndrome

A malpositioned IOL is the source of this complication.

Johann Ohly, MD

Therapeutics Update

Early Testing of CNTF for Glaucoma

Based on the results of preclinical studies, this neurotrophic factor is a candidate for clinical use.

Keiichiro Iwao, MD, PhD, and Jeffrey L. Goldberg, MD, PhD


Streamlining Glaucoma Surgery on

Nathan M. Radcliffe, MD


5 Questions with Jody R. Piltz-Seymour, MD