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Residents & Fellows

Residents & Fellows

A Disease of Paradoxes

Reflections on the ups and downs of addressing glaucoma.

Amol Sura, MD, and Albert S. Khouri, MD

Residents & Fellows

Addressing Adherence in Glaucoma Patients

Education can help reduce rates of nonadherence among patients with glaucoma.

Stella Y. Chung, MD, MS

Residents & Fellows

Bringing It Home

Lessons learned while training under seven faculty members.

Robert H. Knox, MD

Residents & Fellows

Surgeons and Athletes

Game-day tools can benefit young ophthalmologists in their surgical training.

Austin R. Fox, MD

Residents & Fellows

A Resident's Perspective on Research

Waxing nostalgic while welcoming new tech to glaucoma.

Vincent P. Moscato, MD, and Albert S. Khouri, MD | Section Editor

Residents & Fellows

We Are All Superheroes

Take a moment to recognize the true power of eye care.

Philip S. Garza, MD, MSc, and Albert S. Khouri, MD | Section Editor

Residents & Fellows

Bringing Surgical Training Into Focus

With so many procedures to consider, glaucoma fellows must determine how to maximize their training time.

Kunjal Modi, MD

Residents & Fellows

On the Other Hand

A lefty's lessons on training in a right-handed surgical world.

Emily M. Schehlein, MD

Residents & Fellows

Lessons From Abroad

Discovering the value of international outreach during glaucoma fellowship.

Matthew Miller, MD

Residents & Fellows

An Epiphany on Prolapse

Just when you think you have it all figured out...

Lorraine M. Provencher, MD

Residents & Fellows

Professional Networking: A How-To Guide

An established plan with specific goals helps in building valuable connections.

Zaiba Malik, MD

Residents & Fellows

Must-Have Books for the Beginning Ophthalmologist

Adam Jacobson, MD, and Eric Rosenberg, DO

Residents & Fellows

Sick or Not Sick?

Subjective factors are often more important than objective measures.

Dan Liu, MD

Residents & Fellows

Our Best Teachers

Invaluable information comes from an unexpected source.

Tian Xia, MD

Residents & Fellows

A First-Year's Perspective

Learning how to accommodate each patient's hardships may be the biggest obstacle.

Sumana Kommana, MD

Residents & Fellows

It's Complicated

New challenges unfold with glaucoma surgery.

Eunice Yook, MD