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October 2010

In This Issue

CHIEF MEDICAL EDITOR'S PAGE: Rick's Fountain of Youth

Gillian McDermott, MA, Editor-in-Chief

Clinician Scientist' S Corner

Douglas J. Rhee, MD

Feature Story

Hushed No More

Tom Harbin, MD, opens the lid on a morass that injured patients, decimated careers, and shook the ophthalmology department of one of the most prestigious medical centers in the United States.

Gillian McDermott, MA, Editor-In-Chief

Peer Review

Trabeculectomy Revision as a Treatment for Failed Trabeculectomy

Nathan M. Radcliffe, MD

Surgical Earls


A new technique for managing angle-closure glaucoma secondary to plateau iris syndrome.

Dominik W. Podbielski, MD; Devesh K. Varma, MD, FRCSC; Diamond Y. Tam, MD; and Iqbal Ike K. Ahmed, MD, FRCSC

Cover Story: Information And Diagnostic Technology In Glaucoma

New Progression Software for the Visual Field and Optic Disc

Guidelines for the clinical management of patients with glaucoma.

Chris A. Johnson, PHD

The Multifocal Pattern Visual Evoked Potential

The mfVEP provides an objective assessment of visual field loss and is still evolving with newer stimulus techniques.

Stuart L. Graham, MBBS, PHD, MS, FRANZCO, and Alexander Klistorner, MD, PHD

Technologies for Analyzing the Optic Disc, RNFL, and Macula

Victor Y. Chang, MD, Terry Kim, MD, Neil T. Choplin, MD, and Paul H. Artes, PhD

High-Frequency UBM

As the need for precise, high-resolution imaging of anterior segment structures continues to grow, ultrasound biomicroscopy may prove to be a valuable diagnostic tool.

Nicholas P. Bell, MD, and Kundandeep S. Nagi, MD

Anterior Segment Optical Coherence Tomography

This imaging modality offers important views and measurements of the anterior segment anatomy.

Diamond Y. Tam, MD

The Eye Handbook

A new ophthalmic educational resource for your smartphone.

Rohit Krishna, MD

EMRs for the Glaucoma Doctor

Can an electronic medical record really help your practice?

Kyle H. Smith, MD and John C. Burchfield, MD

Challenging Cases

Trabeculectomy Following Failed Primary Tube Shunt for the Management of POAG

Sandra M. Johnson, MD, and Joshua Zaffos


Selling Your Ophthalmic Practice in an Uncertain World

Things you need to know.

Daniel M. Bernick, JD, MBA


Back to School With

Nathan M. Radcliffe, MD

5 Questions with Richard A. Lewis, MD

Dr. Lewis reflects on his tenure as chief medical editor of Glaucoma Today.