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March/April 2014

In This Issue

Chief Medical Editor's Page

A Tribute

Steven D. Vold, MD

The Literature

The Literature

James Tan, MD, phd

Research Results

Highlights of the AGS Annual Meeting

The latest research findings from the 24th annual meeting of the American Glaucoma Society, held February 26th to March 2nd.

Geoffrey T. Emerick, MD

Landmark Studies

Measuring the Impact of Glaucoma and the Value of Treatment

A primer on value-based medicine.

Gary C. Brown, MD, MBA; Melissa M. Brown, MD, MN, MBA; Joshua D. Stein, MD, MSc, MS; Richard P. Wilson, MD; and George L. Spaeth, MD

Peer Review

Landmark Tube Trials

A review of key findings from recent multicenter randomized clinical trials involving tube shunts.

Ambika Hoguet, MD, and Steven J. Gedde, MD

International Perspectives

International Glaucoma

A personal account of how collaborating with physicians overseas expands research possibilities.

Pradeep Y. Ramulu, MD, MHS, PhD


Results of GT's 2014 Film Festival

Technology Today

Perimeter Technology for Early Glaucoma Detection

Selective perimetry combined with standard automated perimetry is proving reliable for assessing glaucomatous damage.

John Flanagan, PhD, MCOptom

Cover Stories: Is Glaucoma A Surgical Disease?


Customized Glaucoma Surgery

Steven D. Vold, MD

Overview on Microinvasive Glaucoma Surgery

Where are we now?

Reay H. Brown, MD

Future Trends in Glaucoma Care

Less invasive surgical options are appealing, but more data are needed.

E. Randy Craven, MD

Integrating Trabecular Microbypass Procedures Into Clinical Practice

Advice on getting started.

Leon W. Herndon, MD

Surgical Pearls and Pitfalls With a Trabecular Microbypass Stent

The challenges and my approach for success.

Constance O. Okeke, MD, MSCE

The Role of Suprachoroidal Stents

Where will they fit in the glaucoma treatment paradigm?

Brian Flowers, MD

Advances in Glaucoma Filtration Surgery

Two devices in development make use of Poiseuille's law.

Steven R. Sarkisian Jr, MD

New Trends in Antimetabolite Use

The intraoperative injection of mitomycin C.

Albert S. Khouri, MD

Stab Incision Glaucoma Surgery

A new guarded filtration procedure developed to maximize success by avoiding some of the complications of standard trabeculectomy.

Soosan Jacob, MS, FRCS, DNB

Advances in Cyclophotocoagulation

The evolution of laser glaucoma surgery in the 21st century.

Jeffrey A. Kammer, MD

Therapeutics Update

Cultured Human Retinal Ganglion Cells

New approaches in laboratory research could help identify targets for glaucoma intervention.

Abbot F. Clark, PhD

Challenging Cases

An Infected Scleral Patch Graft Over a Glaucoma Valve

Parul Ichhpujani, MD; Anuj Sharma, MD; and Suresh Kumar, MD

Industry News and Innovations


In Memoriam: 5 Questions With David L. Epstein, MD

Dr. Epstein stresses the need for MD clinician scientists and an interdisciplinary approach in glaucoma research.