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Editors' Page

Innovation Exposed

Iqbal Ike K. Ahmed, MD, FRCSC

Tech Culture

Crowdsourcing in Ophthalmology

Why it works and why we should use it.

Nikola Ragusa, MD

Spotlight on Teleophthalmology

Patient Care During COVID-19: Bringing Telemedicine to the Forefront

It may be time to extend the benefits of this practice to the masses.

Hardik A. Parikh, MD, and Lama Al-Aswad, MD, MPH

Spotlight on Teleophthalmology

The Role of Telemedicine in Population-Based Glaucoma Vision Screening

Exploring telemedicine’s potential to alter the delivery of care to millions of people.

Elaine Han, MD; Ryan P. Nolan, MBA; and Richard K. Lee, MD, PhD

Spotlight on Teleophthalmology

Pearls and Practices for Virtual Eye Care

Sophie D. Liao, MD; Eimi Rodriguez-Cruz, BS; Malik Y. Kahook, MD; and Cara E. Capitena Young, MD

Research Update

Highlights of the 2020 AGS Annual Meeting

Results from clinical trials and research studies presented at the 30th annual meeting of the American Glaucoma Society in Washington, DC.

Geoffrey T. Emerick, MD

The Literature

Eye Care in the Era of COVID-19

Two studies have implications for improving the safety of patients and providers during the current pandemic.

Cara E. Capitena Young, MD, and Malik Y. Kahook, MD

Case Files

Cutting-Edge Options Wanted

What’s the best course of action when IOP rises after years of control in a patient who reports a remote history of traumatic glaucoma?

Jacob W. Brubaker, MD; Michelle Butler, MD; and Amy Zhang, MD

Residents & Fellows

Addressing Adherence in Glaucoma Patients

Education can help reduce rates of nonadherence among patients with glaucoma.

Stella Y. Chung, MD, MS


Memorable MIGS Cases

Surgeons recount scenarios that emphasize the value of these minimally invasive procedures

Won I. Kim, MD; Mazeyar Saboori, MD; Monisha M. Vora, MD; H. George Tanaka, MD; Bac T. Nguyen, MD; I. Paul Singh, MD; and Lorraine M. Provencher, MD

Practice Pointers

Company Culture: The Secret Sauce for Success

A successful company culture can provide a strategic advantage for practices looking to stand apart from the competition.

Savak Teymoorian, MD, MBA