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Editors' Page

Forces of Good

Arsham Sheybani, MD


Slit-Lamp Droplet Shield

Keep yourself safe, and keep your patients safe.

A. John Kanellopoulos, MD


Telemedicine in the Age of COVID-19

Remote encounters minimize exposure to pathogens for all parties.

Nikola Ragusa, MD


Patient Pointers for Ocular Photography

A patient guide for capturing images of the anterior segment using a smartphone.

John A. Hovanesian, MD, FACS

The Literature

The Role of Statins in Glaucoma Treatment

Evidence is mounting that these agents may be protective.

Ahmad A. Aref, MD, MBA

Case Files

The Case of the Creeping Paracentral Visual Field Defect

What are options when a patient and her family prefer to avoid surgery?

Austin Bell, MD; Sylvia Groth, MD; Regine Pappas, MD; and Steven R. Sarkisian Jr, MD


Ten Tips for Graduating Glaucoma Fellows

Glaucoma attendings in their first year of practice offer advice to fellows nearing the end of their formal training.

Michael Lin, MD; Ayan Chatterjee, MD, MSEd; Jonathan Chou, MD; Haben Kefella, MD; Stephen Moster, MD; Mary Qiu, MD; Aakriti Garg Shukla, MD; David Smits, MD; Swarup Swaminathan, MD; Astrid Werner, MD; and Cindy Zheng, MD

Residents & Fellows

Bringing It Home

Lessons learned while training under seven faculty members.

Robert H. Knox, MD

Technical Talk

MicroPulse Transscleral Laser Therapy After Tube Shunt Surgery

This management option yields a quick recovery time and carries minimal risk of hypotony.

Brian M. Jerkins, MD

Cover Focus

A Systems-Based Approach to Patient-Centered Care

Proper counseling is essential to patients’ adherence, but physicians’ time is scarce.

Paula Anne Newman-Casey, MD, MS

Cover Focus

Glaucoma in the Age of Patient-Reported Outcomes

Patient-reported outcome measures help capture the entire burden of disease.

Lorraine M. Provencher, MD

Cover Focus

Addressing Obstacles to Care

A variety of psychosocial factors can impede success.

Michele C. Lim, MD


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