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Chief Medical Editor's Page

Seeing the Beauty of People Through Adversity

Iqbal Ike K. Ahmed, MD, FRCSC


Practicing Through a Pandemic

A series of surveys reveals the evolution of glaucoma care in the era of COVID-19.

Richard A. Lewis, MD

The Literature

Blunting IOP Spikes After Cataract Surgery

Options for minimizing severe IOP increases after phacoemulsification in patients with glaucoma.

Eiyass Albeiruti, MD

Global Perspectives

Global Outreach in the Era of COVID-19

Organizations adopt new ways of reaching underserved populations during the pandemic.

Hunter Cherwek, MD, and Wallace L.M. Alward, MD

Residents & Fellows

More Than the Eye Can See

An early exposure to the other side of clinical ophthalmology.

Rabia Karani, MD, MPH

Case Files

Full Visual Fields and a Very High IOP

What’s the next step for this patient with a medication allergy and a history of laser trabeculoplasty?

Steven R. Sarkisian Jr, MD; Analisa Arosemena, MD; Justin Spaulding, DO; and H. George Tanaka, MD

Public Speaking

Lights, Camera, Virtual!

Elevate your online presentations by following these 12 steps.

Lisa M. Nijm, MD, JD

Technical Talk

Repetitive Transorbital Alternating Current Stimulation

Could this noninvasive therapy be used to activate viable but poorly functional retinal ganglion cells in patients with glaucoma?

Joel Kovoor, BS; Joseph F. Panarelli, MD; and Joel S. Schuman, MD

The Pipeline

Preserflo MicroShunt

The new bleb on the block.

Georges M. Durr, MD, FRCSC


Ophthalmic Presentations of Pituitary Adenoma

The ocular examination can aid diagnosis and help guide treatment.

Hanne Gehling, BS, and Kimberly M. Winges, MD

Cover Focus

Imaging the Outflow System

Current and future applications paint a fuller picture of glaucoma and its management.

Lauren S. Blieden, MD

Cover Focus

AS-OCT in Clinical Practice

Ophthalmologists describe cases in which anterior segment OCT imaging influenced their course of action.

Georges M. Durr, MD, FRCSC; Thomas A. Berk, MD; and Hady Saheb, MD, MPH, FRCSC

Cover Focus

Back to the Cornea: Corneal Hysteresis in Action

Ophthalmologists share cases in which this measurement influenced their treatment plans.

Davinder S. Grover, MD, MPH; Nathan M. Radcliffe, MD; Nicholas Tan, BA; and John P. Berdahl, MD

Cover Focus

Super-Resolution Ultrasound Microvessel Imaging to Assess Eye Vasculature for Glaucoma

A novel ultrasound imaging technique may aid in the diagnosis of glaucoma by comprehensively measuring deep retinal/choroidal and retrobulbar vascular layers at high resolution.

Xuejun Qian, PhD; Mark S. Humayun, MD, PhD; and Qifa Zhou, PhD

Cover Focus

Drive-Through IOP Checks

With the proper protocol in place, a curbside screening service can be beneficial when eye care services are interrupted.

Gerami Seitzman, MD


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